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Pure butter Ghee 400g

  • Units/Box: 24
  • Kg/Box:     9.6
  • Box/Pal:      72
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Natour pure Dutch ghee is considered one of the best types of ghee in terms of delicious taste, luxury brand, and excellent quality.

Ghee is used in most main dishes and desserts, especially the eastern, because of its distinct quality and taste.


Product Features:

Manufactured and packed with modern international technologies.
When ghee products are exposed to high temperatures, the fats remain stable and do not release any harmful substances.
Rich source of some vitamins, including A-D-E.
Rich source of beneficial fatty acids.
Free from salt and lactose, it is one of the best options for cooking.



This ghee is used to cook all kinds of foods such as meat, chicken, and vegetables. It is used in preparing all kinds of eastern and western sweets.


How to use:

Use one or more teaspoons (about 6ml or more) of butter ghee for baking or cooking foods. Add an appropriate amount “as desired” of butter ghee for sweets and enjoy the original taste and the luxurious taste.



To all-natural butter ghee lovers, “Try this product” from Natour and you will repeat this experience over and over again.


Product Characteristics

Milk fat Moisture Free fatty acids Peroxide
min. 99.8% max. 0.1% max. 0.3% 0.3 meq. O2 /kg fat

Additional information

Weight 0.400 kg